“What makes a hero a hero? The difference meaning one man stands a little taller than the rest?”

Having successfully defeated the pesky Trojans, all Odysseus wants to do is return home. But the capricious gods have other ideas, and soon our hero and his hapless crew find themselves beset by a hoard of vengeful islanders, a ravenous man-eating cyclops, a troupe of seductive sirens and one exceedingly boring old man...


Will Odysseus overcome the many trials and tribulations he faces?


Find out in this furiously frenetic romp through Homer's classic tale of vengeance, adversity, courage and love.



Produced by

Audacious Productions

C-Venues, Edinburgh, Aug 2014

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“Endearing, energetic, and ever so slightly silly, it is impossible to leave this show without a smile on your face.” (***** Broadway Baby)

“This is simply one of the very best shows we have seenon the Fringe for years. Excellent family entertainment... Very highly recommended!” (Primary Times)